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Funding Research and Awareness for Ovarian Cancer

Our Mission.

Our mission is to raise funds for ovarian cancer research and increase awareness of the symptoms of this disease.

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KOH is a proud
Partner Member of


KOH research grant
information is available
in the
Foundation for
Women's Cancer

Ovarian Cancer
Resource Funding

KOH supported research

Kinase Pathway Mutations in

Dr Rachel Grisham
2015 Awardee

2016 SGO Annual Meeting

Highlights from the 2016
Society of Gynecologic
Annual Meeting 2016

OCRFA Statement
on GOG 252

Statement on the
IP chemotherapy trial GOG252.

Innovation Happens:
The Electronic Nose

Listen to host Kim Thiboldeaux,
President and CEO of the
Cancer Support Community,
for this radio broadcast
featuring Dr. Preti,
a researcher funded by KOH!

Cobie Smolders
Co-Star of

"How I Met Your Mother",
discusses her past battle
with ovarian cancer

Alicia's Message to you:

Watch this youtube video
Alicia's message to you 
could save your life!


Can Dogs Detect
Cancer by Smell?

PBS News Special Report
investigaes UPENN's
Vet Program and Ffoster, 
the dog sponsored by KOH!

Watch this PBS News Special


Features Dr. Otto of UPENN
and the training of dogs to
sniff out ovarian cancer.
Watch this News Update


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